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Adoption Application
Do you have the financial capability to care for a horse?

Professional References:

Personal References:

References should be someone, unrelated to you, with knowledge of your horsemanship skills, or if you are new to horses, your skills with animals. If you are new to horses, please include the name of the friend or trainer who will be helping you with your horse. 

Horse property information - Do you?
Describe shelter, type of fencing, number of acres and number of other horses on the property:

If boarding, please complete the following: 

If renting, please complete the following: 

Have you obtained permission from your landlord to keep a horse on the property?
Please list the equines currently in your care with age and breed:

Briefly describe your horse experience and training philosphy:

Anything else you would like us to know?

I certify that all the information contained herein is true and correct:

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